Monday, July 23, 2007

Chinese Products Are Dangerous To Life

Anyone who wants to buy summer shoes do have read to the end. Simple American guy using the services of a network of shops Walmart bought a pair of cute two shlepanets to list as a producer countries showing the PRC (People's Republic of China). After putting a dozen times says the owner was concerned itch and redness in the straps. Initially, when the pain was weak, he did not attach importance to this, thinking raznosilis not yet. Once the pain is heightened went to the doctor. Providing material from which made Cowboy (more straps, obhvatyvayuschie feet) made of a material unfit for contact with the skin and caused a chemical burn injury. On the pages of latex allergy in the same was denied by doctors. 99 of the 100 Americans in this situation would be filed in court, but we have just a single event : guy turned to a network of shops to request an exemption from the sales of shoes. In reply (I note that Walmart is the largest trading network in the United States) at the request is simply bullying asking himself contact with the Chinese manufacturer and personally resolve the conflict. Boyfriend not Odlozilik, got photos on its home page and hearing about this all bypassed america. In continuation see picture burn, not to slabonervnyh. P.S. : once again in the same store a month later our hero saw all the same says at the same price.