Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 Universities in Asia

A London education magazine "Times Higher Education (THE)" has unveiled its seventh annual World University Rankings recently, according to reports of The rankings are all listed on the basis of three main missions of a university: teaching, research and knowledge transfer.

Following are the top ten universities in Asia:
No. 1 University of Hong Kong
Overall rank: 21
Hong Kong,China

No. 2 University of Tokyo
Overall rank: 26
Tokyo, Japan

No. 3 Pohang University of Science and Technology
Overall rank: 28
Pohang, South Korea

No. 4 National University of Singapore
Overall rank: 34
Kent Ridge, Singapore

No. 5 University of Melbourne
Overall rank: 36
Melbourne, Australia

No. 6 Peking University
Overall rank: 37
Beijing, China

No. 7 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Overall rank: 41
Hong Kong, China

No. 8 Australian National University
Overall rank: 43 (tie)
Canberra, Australia

No. 9 University of Science and Technology of China
Overall rank: 49 (tie)
Hefei, China

No. 10 Kyoto University
Overall rank: 57
Kyoto, Japan