Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrities Who Hhave Written Hit Novels

 These days, nearly every celeb wants to be recognized as an author. And since famous folks just love talking about themselves and doling out advice, they usually end up writing scandalous memoirs or chatty self-help books. (Eat like them! Look like them! Date like them!) But a few celebs have gone a step further in the literary world by penning fiction too. Click through this slideshow for a peek at which stars had enough creativity in them to knock out a novel.
 Lauren Conrad
Two weeks after her final appearance as a regular cast member on “The Hills,” Lauren Conrad released her first best-selling novel, L.A. Candy, which was loosely based on her personal life. The sequel, Sweet Little Lies, arrived eight months later, and the final book in the trilogy, Sugar and Spice, will likely fly off shelves when it debuts on October 5.
 Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie -- whose first page-turner, The Truth About Diamonds topped out at #37 on the NYT Best Seller list -- hopes to reclaim her spot on the illustrious chart with her new tawdry tome, Priceless.
 Ethan Hawke
In addition to starring in numerous films and theater productions, Ethan Hawke -- who twice enrolled in NYU’s English program and twice dropped out -- is an accomplished author with two novels under his belt, 1996’s The Hottest State and 2002’s Ash Wednesday.
 Tyra Banks
Earlier this year, Tyra Banks joined forces with Random House to create Modelland, a series of books aimed at “the dreamer in all of us.” Though the first novel has yet to be released, the “Top Model” hostess with the mostest promises it will contain “some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures, and yeah, some danger too.”
 Joan Rivers
She’s best known for trashing celebs on the red carpet and for hawking cheap accessorizes on QVC, but Joan Rivers is also a published author having written various autobiographies and self-help books, in addition to her 2009 novel, Murder at the Academy Awards.
Apparently when “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi isn’t getting her pouf perfected, refining her orange glow, or brawling on the boardwalk, she’s working tirelessly on her first novel for Gallery Books, which, according to the publisher, will feature a love story complete with “big hair, dark tans, and fights galore.”
 Pamela Anderson
Former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson got into the book biz a few years ago when she (along with co-author, Eric Shaw Quinn) released Star, a thinly veiled novelization of her own wild rise to superstardom.
 Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie’s second novel, The Paper Soldier, has been indefinitely delayed due to the actor’s busy schedule, but fans of the “House” star can find copies of his conspiracy-laced tale, The Gun Seller, online and in stores.
 Naomi Campbell
Long before she began attacking assistants with cellular phones and was or wasn’t involved in that pesky blood diamond scandal, supermodel Naomi Campbell found herself in the hot seat when author Caroline Upcher admitted she’d actually penned Naomi’s ’94 novel, Swan.
 Steve Martin
Funnyman Steve Martin also has a serious side. His first attempt at fiction, Shopgirl -- about a lonely Neiman Marcus employee living in L.A. -- featured the multi-hyphenate’s dark sense of humor, peaked at #4 on the Best Seller list, and became a film (starring Claire Danes in the title role) in 2005.
 Lisa Rinna
Following the success of her nonfiction best-seller, Rinnivation: Getting Your Best Life Ever, former “Melrose Place” minx Lisa Rinna decided to delve into the world of fiction with her soon-to-be released Starlit, which hits store shelves on October 5.
 Courtney Thorne-Smith
Surprisingly, Lisa isn’t the only “Melrose Place” alum who has “author” on her resume. Courtney Thorne-Smith, who portrayed desperate drunkard Allison Parker on the hit FOX soap, delivered Outside In in the fall of 2007.
 Gene Hackman
Since retiring from acting in 2004, two-time Oscar winner Gene Hackman has co-authored two critically-acclaimed books with undersea archaeologist Daniel Lenihan, Justice for None and Escape from Andersonville. The duo’s first novel, Wake of the Perdido Star appeared in 1999.
 Hilary Duff
In the six short years since her Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” wrapped production, Hilary Duff has launched a clothing line and fragrance, starred in over 10 films, released two studio albums, married NHL player Mike Comrie, and written her first novel, Elixir, which comes out on October 12.
Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher’s latest book, the autobiographical Wishful Drinking, was published in 2008, but her success as an author began in the mid 1980’s when she wrote the Pen Award-winning bestseller, Postcards from the Edge, which she later adapted into a movie of the same name.